Frozen Party Ideas and Decorations With Anna





Frozen Party Decoration featuring Anna

Isn’t this Anna doll this most adorable Frozen thing you’ve seen? My daughters found her at the Disney store as part of the Animator’s Collection. Can’t you see the cute little 5 year old knocking on Elsa’s door, begging to play?

I’m not sure why Elsa gets all the attention. Anna seems to be the forgotten sister –what’s up with that?  Just because she doesn’t sing “Let it Go?”

Poor thing falls hard for the duke, who turns out to be a buffoon, and heads out into the winter wonderland to save her sister.  Isn’t that noble enough? Elsa vs Anna might be a discussion for another blog…

Not claiming here that I’m a Frozen expert or anything, I mean I only saw it 3 times.

And by the way, one of those was a Frozen sing-a-long that nobody wanted to sing along to. What?!!?!!

Sure. Sing your heart out at home, in the car, and before bedtime. But in a theater only 1/3 full? My girls barely let out a peep!!

That was supposed to be a **sparkle moment**, but it was more like a dud moment. Anyone else have an awkward experience with the sing-a-long editions in the theater?

Back to the Anna party decoration.

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Frozen party with hot cocoa bar styled by Whitney

So the fun part about purchasing this Anna Frozen wreath I created is that the Anna doll can be easily removed.  It’s like a 2-for-1 wreath! Use the wreath to decorate the wall space above the yummy hot cocoa table, then remove the doll after the party and it becomes a gift for the birthday girl! Decoration and toy all in one.

Actually it’s a 3-in-1 wreath because you can use it as a Frozen party decoration, removed the doll to play with, and then you can remove the sign and still have a gorgeous gold and silver tinsel wreath with a bow and snowflakes.  Who doesn’t love multi-taskers?

Visit my Sparkle Day Design shop on Etsy for more multi-tasking party wreaths featuring Elsa, and other Disney characters such as Sully and Miss Piggy.

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