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Miss Piggy Wreath

Miss Piggy Headshot

The sassy and glamourous diva Miss Piggy retains her star status on this silver tinsel wreath with feathers, beads and sparkle sequins.  I have a nice little collection of brand new plush Muppet characters including Miss Piggy, her BFF Kermit the Frog (aka Kermie), and also the Animal that I can design into my wreaths. …

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High School Team Spirit Wreath

Easy to Customize

A friend was looking for donations for my daughter’s high school carnival silent auction.  I thought “Hey, I’ll donate a fun wreath!” At first I was going to make a Halloween wreath since it is fall, but my daughter suggested a wreath styled for her high school since she saw a cute burlap wreath that …

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BYU and U of U Game Day Wreaths

University of Utah Wreath

Around these parts there are some pretty strong rivalries…So for some it is very important to declare your loyalties.  What better way to do it than with a team spirit or game day wreath? These can be made in any color combo to fit your favorite team.  Glitter letters to represent your school can be …

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Burlap Fall Wreath in Berry and Gold


My kids are now back in school, there’s a crispness in the morning air, and apple season is just around the corner. Fall is coming! I recently customized this fall wreath for a customer in my Etsy shop Sparkle Day Design.  This wreath usually has a bit more orange in it, but she wanted to …

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Gold and Glitter Burlap Wreath


There’s a famous saying: “All that glitters is gold.” This gold burlap wreath with about 15 different kinds of trim, fabric, and ribbon is non stop glitter.  The color palette is my absolute favorite and was inspired by a local boutique, Dear Lizzie, which is a favorite place for my girls and I to go dine in …

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DIY Tulip Wreath

Pics from Other Blogs

Tulips are pretty much one of my favorite flowers.  I love their graceful, delicate petals.  They are a sure sign of spring.  I plant many tulips in my yard, but the deer sometimes eat them before I get much chance to enjoy them.  Downside of living near the mountains… So my sister-in-law asked me to …

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How to Make a Wreath Using a Baby Blanket


  I am a thrifter. I might be a hoarder of things to repurpose. Recycle. Upcycle. Whatever the current word is for taking something and turning it into something else fabulous, I like to do it.  I thrive on the creative challenge. So, as I started experimenting with using upcycled clothing and linens in my wreaths this past year, …

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5 Reasons You Do Not Want to DIY Wreaths


K let’s be honest. When it comes to handmade items at craft boutiques or on Etsy, how many times do people say…”I don’t need to buy it, I can do it myself.” Count me among those people. I know I CAN do it.  Many handmade crafts are not rocket science, my wreaths included. The problem is, …

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Frozen Party Ideas and Decorations With Anna

        Isn’t this Anna doll this most adorable Frozen thing you’ve seen? My daughters found her at the Disney store as part of the Animator’s Collection. Can’t you see the cute little 5 year old knocking on Elsa’s door, begging to play? I’m not sure why Elsa gets all the attention. Anna seems to …

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