Sugar Scrubs

IMG_9107All Natural Sugar Scrubs $5 each.  Beautifully packaged and ready for gift giving!

These all natural hand-made sugar scrubs make great gifts for teachers, neighbors, birthdays, holidays, thank-you gifts, spa-nights, and many other occasions.  Drop one off to a friend to let them know you are thinking of them.  Give to teachers during teacher appreciation week.  Perfect for gardening friends who need extra help cleaning their hands. Easy neighbor gifts during the holidays. I recently completed a custom order for 30 scrubs to be given away to fellow cast members in a musical production.

Keep a few sugar scrubs on hand for those last minute gift needs!

To gently exfoliate and soften hands, feet or other rough areas, simply scrub and rinse off in warm water.  For softer lips, scrub then lick off the extra–it’s that good!

Made from fresh ingredients, so don’t let it sit around.  Keep it in the shower and use it daily! Sugar in the shower–how great is that?!

Choose from 5 yummy flavors:


**Coconut LIME

**Icy MINT

**Vanilla LAVENDER

**Citrus ORANGE

**Sweet LEMON


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Happy Grapefruit Sugar Scrub



Coconut Lime Sugar Scrub


Icy Mint Sugar Scrub


Vanilla Lavender Sugar Scrub


Citrus Orange Sugar Scrub


Sweet Lemon Sugar Scrub


Candy Cane Peppermint Sugar Scrub

Order now for rave reviews from your friends! 


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  1. Sonja

    I didn’t use the sugar scrub for a while after you were so thoughtful to give it to me. Once I used the sugar scrub I was hooked! I loved how soft my hands were each time I used it

    I think they make adorable gifts and would be great for teachers and a nice way to welcome new neighbors.

  2. Mary

    I used it all and then I scraped the jar several more times to get all possible leftover bits out. It’s awesome stuff. I’m going to have to get more for my new claw foot tub:)

  3. Sarah

    I ordered several different scrubs to give as gifts. Christine packaged them very well to ship (all the way to Germany), so they arrived in excellent condition. I love the cellophane bag and ribbon–perfect for me to grab and go for teachers, friends, etc. I have given away several, and everybody loves it!

  4. Wendy

    This scrub is incredible! It makes for the softest lips and skin. It’s amazing to use before using a self-tanning product.

  5. Korianne

    I can’t believe how soft and smooth these sugar scrubs make my skin feel. My knees get really dry with the changing of the seasons and when I use the scrubs I don’t need lotion! So great! I also love the fact that I’m putting natural products on my skin and not chemicals…Love love love them!

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