Sparkle Moment #2: Bread Day

I’m gonna say it up front: I’m going for the FUN MOM award.

Not because I want to be compared to other moms, but because if my kids call me a fun mom, then I know I am doing my job.  That means we are close, developing a connection, and creating sparkle moments of love, joy, and belonging. They will benefit from that for the rest of their lives.

A friend shared an experience from her high school years in which she was part of the lucky crowd to be invited to “Bread Day” at a friend’s house for lunch time.  This was a monthly event where friends came home from high school for lunch and feasted on a spread of homemade bread along with plenty of toppings including butters, jams,and jellies.  I loved the idea of this tradition and it seemed like a definite Sparkle Moment to me.

So today kicked off our first monthly “Bread Day.”  My sophomore daughter is not legal to drive herself and her friends home from school for lunch yet, so I picked her up during her lunch break along with two of her friends and brought them back to our home for homemade artisan bread, butter, honey, jams, cheese, and fruit.  They raved about how yummy the bread was and how nice it was to get little break from school and experience some lovin’ from home in the middle of the school day.

I hope this grows from a few close friends of hers to something bigger in which kids are anxiously anticipating the invitation to “Bread Day” at our home. I love having teenagers in  my home, so I say Bring It On! They are fun, uninhibited, and help keep me young.  And hopefully a little bit hip. :) Or at least a little up to date on the happenings on Twitter and SnapChat.

Monthly Bread Day

Here’s to Bread Day!


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